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Cylinder Honing Brushes


Product Description:
Flexible Honing tools are very effective for cross hole deburring, port radiusing and edge blending.It is more cost effective than abrasive pads and it is ideal for both new and re-turned rotors and flywheels.

Technique parameter:
Cylinder honing brushes provide soft cutting action and remove burrs from cross-drilled hles. Independent suspension ensures self-centering, self-aligning to the bore, and self-compensating for wear. Compatible with automated and CNC equipment to automate the deburring process. Use for finishing work on any type and size of cylinder.

Diameter: 10~100mm
Hone length: 30~100mm
Overall length: 150~300mm
Material: Silicon Carbide & Aluminum Oxide
Grit : i) 120 /180 /240 /320# are standard size
ii) 60 / 500 / 600 / 800# are special available
Handle material: steel, s/s

If your required sizes and grits are not on here, please contact us . We could make them according to your specific requirement.

●Compression engine in air conditioner or refrigerator,
●Car hydropneumatic system
●Cylinder block,
●Engine parts,
●Mechanical treatment,
●Brake system
●surface treatment in all size of cylinder stators, valves, lumen tubes.

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