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Ertilizer granulator machine and organic fertilizer machine on sale


Organic fertilizer making machine specifications
1.make organic fertilizer and pellets
2.lowest investment
3.quick efficiency
4.good economic returns

1.Introduce of the production line:
The new generation of compound fertilizer which self-developed and applied the lastest unique
manufacturing process---granulated one time and the capacity range 1-70t/h.
The whole machines of the production line is saving energy, no waste discharge, stable operation,
reliable operation and easy maintenance. Wide adaptability of raw materials includes fertilizer,
pharmaceuticals, chemicals, feed and other raw materials. The ratio of forming particles is high.
It can produce a variety of concentrations of various types (including organic fertilizer, inorganic fertilizer, fertilizer, and magnetic fertilizer) fertilizer, in particular, rare earth, ammonium bicarbonate series of fertilizer granulation.

2. Characteristics of the production line:
This equipment select high quality, anti-corrosion & wear-resistant materials. So it will be long life-span. Advanced technology contribute to the high rate of granulating. Saving energy, no waste discharge. Simple & stable operation, reliable running and easy maintenance, wide adaptability of raw materials, suitable for compound fertilizer, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, fodder and so on. It is a advanced production line to make fertilizers.

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