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Flanged type butterfly valve


Concentric Flanged Butterfly Valve
Not only applicable to liquid medium, but also applicable to gas medium;2. Disc has two-way bearing and excellent sealing property;3. Valve body has rubber seat and longer service life;4. Easily installation, flexible position;5. Can be used in pipe end evacuation;6. Wth many kinds of materiais, applicable to diderent medium;7. Strong wash and brush resistance, fit to bad working condition and environment;8. Central plate shape structure, small start and stop torque;9. Can be used in cutting off and regulating medium;10. Complete specifications: DN50~1200

nominal diameter: DN50---DN1000mm
nominal pressure: PN1.0,PN1.6mpa
working temperature: -35°C--135°C
suitable mediums: water,fresh water,oils,acids,alkalis
Body Cast iron + BNR/EPDM
Disc Ductile iron, bronze, stainless steel

Shaft Stainless steel
Bushing Lubricated bronze, F4-PTFE
Taper pin Stainless steel
O ring Rubber

Key Steel 45

1Water works and water resource project.
2Food, beverage, steel, metallurgy industry.
3Power, building industry, petroleum, chemical, paper making industry.

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