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Flexo 4 color and 6 color continuously printing machine


Flexo 4 color-6 color printing machine
1.Two side printing at the same time
2. Roll to roll printing
3.Computerized and easy operation
4.Runs stable
Technical Parameters:
Max.feeding area: 1200mmx800mm
Effective printing width: 750mm
Printing speed: 30-50m/min
Diameter of unwinding cloth: Max1200mm
Total power: 25kw
Weight: 6000kg

1.This machine prints woven fabric, non woven fabric, paper-plastic composite fabric continuously.

2.Multi -color can be combined freely by changing the direction of cloth(6+0, 5+1, 4+2, 3+3…).

3.Two side printing at the same time. The printing speed can reach to 20-50m/min.The color of chroma is accuracy.


Automatic feeding fabric by pneumatic/electric; rectifying system for winder; tension control

by magnetic powder; imported inverter to control speed; anilox roller to feed ink; increased

with ink mix equipment at clockwise and counterclockwise. When main machine stops, the ink

feeding equipment will work continuously and wait for restart, which can reduce waste.

Each color can be controlled separately, using one color and the color work. Thus, it can save

energy consumption and reduce abrasion. With Mitsubishi PLC controlling automatic operation

of machine stopping, ink mixture and locking, there is no need for manual operation.

It is equipped with quick printing plate checking system as transverse 40mm and longitudinal

360 without stopping, dried by electric heating hot air cycle constant temperature oven, torque

motor of winder device. Automatic edge fold, punching and cutting device can be chosen.

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