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Flour mill machinery or wheat flour mill or corn flour mill machine on sale


The maize flour plant has three parts
A: Equipment for cleaning system
B: Equipment for milling system
C: Equipment for package and electric control

1.The corn flour mill designed and installed together with the steel structure support. With advanced germ collecting technology, the mill can get pure endosperm. The main support structure is made of three levels: the roller mills are located on the ground floor; the sifters are installed on the first floor and the cyclones and pneumatic pipes are on the second floor. The materials from the roller mill are lifting by a pneumatic transferring system. The whole mill can be installed in a warehouse and individual designs can meet customer different requirements.
2. corn flour mill Features
The capacity is various from 10MT to 500MT wheat per day, flexible for customer’s choice. Different size wheat flour are produced. Compact design saves area and civil building costs less. Low investment and low power consumption which means running costs less. High efficiency sifters equipped with stainless steel mesh without choke. New type pneumatic roller mills running stably. Pneumatic lifting system reduces the smell in the mill, clean and sanitary. Small package for supermarket is available upon customer requirements.
3. corn flour mill Application
Widely applied in small and middle wheat mills or farm in developing country.

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