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Hydraulic packing machine and hydraulic press packing machine on sale


Advantages of the machine:
1.This machine adopts hydraulic transmission, with an independent power sector and electrical systems.
2.This machine has good toughness and just stability, modeling beautiful and easy, convenient operation and maintenance, the safe and energy-saving, equipment foundation engineering investment costs low characteristic.
3.The broad scope, already can make waste paper packaging equipment, and can be used as a similar product packaging, compaction functions such as processing equipment.
4.Left, right, top three direction floating type shrink mouth design, be helpful for automatic pressure distribution all around, and can be widely used in different material of packing.
5.It is widely used in all kinds of waste paper recycling company factory, old unit such as enterprise, suitable for old waste paper, plastic straw, packaged recycling,straw, grass, waste paper, cotton, clothing, plastic, wool, recycled paper boxes, paper board, and other soft materials, is to improve the work efficiency and reduce labor intensity and the volume, increase density, save manpower, reduce transportation cost of good equipment.
6. Perfect after sale service system,the 1 year warranty,free replacement parts,lifelong supply the parts in duty.

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