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Hydraulic slewing crane & rescue boat life raft landing device

Hydraulic slewing crane & rescue boat life raft landing device


Hydraulic slewing crane &rescue boat life raft landing device
This equipment uses hydraulic drive rotary type,by its own gravity of the boat to make it down to the water,which could make the boat slew to outboard in case of losing of the power supply.While lowering,the sailors in the boat could pull the remote control steel rope,through the pulley around the reel.To lift the winch hammer to control the boat/raft lowering or stop.This also could be operated by sailors on the operation deck.The winch is use of motor-driven winch gear box and gear box with centrifugal speed and manual brake function delegated.The device is designed and manufacturing according to the latest SOLAS standards and international standards.

type Max.Working load Hoisting load Hoisting speed Landing speed Rope capacity of the reel Max rotation radius
HD2-10 21KN 14KN
≥18m/min 40-60m/min 30m 4500mm
HD3-10 30KN 27KN 4500mm
HD3-10-1 23KN 14KN 7000mm
HD3-10-2 23KN 18KN 7000mm

Crane main technical data
Max.hoisting load Rope capacity of the reel Maximum rotation angle Landing speed Rotation radius

&&&&&&: 275N CE approval inflatable life jacket
CO2 fire extinguishing system
Marine horizontal/vertical oil fired boiler
Marine air compressor
marine centrifugal pump
marine hydraulic steering gear
Hydraulic capstan
Tunnel thruster/bow thruster

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