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Life boat battery charger

Life boat battery charger


 Life boat battery charger
China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd are leading supplier of life boats.we have open type life boats,totally enclosed life boat,fast rescue boat,free fall life boat,life boat davit,free fall life boat launching device and battery charger accessories.Pls contact us for more details.

The life boat battery chargers operate with a safe ingoing current of 42 or 24 Vac for the CCS approval. And its charger currents are 2× 3Adc or 2× 5Adc.Automatic float chargingEasily installedSafe against short circuitingInadvertent polarity safeDouble insulatedIndicates charging processCharges batteries individuallySafe against overheatingDoes not charge destructivelySupply voltage: 42V/AC 50/60HzFully charged voltage: 14.4V/DCComplementary voltage: 13.3V/DCCharging current: ≤ 5A ( 2 pieces of battery)Dimensions L× W× H: 243× 134× 80 (mm)Weight: 5 kgProtection grade: IP56Temperature: -25º C~55º C
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