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Maize hammer crusher and animal feed hammer crusher on sale


1.Material:stainless steel
2.Crush materials into small piece
3.Suitable for rice,flour,feed factory

Main Features:
1. Suitable for any friable material and fiber.
2. Stable functions, elegant appearance.
3. Easy operation, simple maintenance.
4. Lower initial investment when compared with a roller mill.

Main Advantages:
1. Using high technology, the end product is designed as water drip figure.
2. Twice crush design improves the output increased by 25%. It can fully to meet the requirements
3. Safe environment: the half cover avoids the raw spill out which improves the work conditions.
4. With low noise and steady working situation after testing by the high precision balancing machine.
5. Widely used in large and medium-sized feed factories and food factories.

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