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Marine horizontal oil-fired boiler

Marine horizontal oil-fired boiler


  Marine horizontal oil-fired boiler
China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd are leading supplier of marine boiler,we have oil-fired boiler,exhaust-gas boiler,oil fired and exhaust gas boiler,hotwater boiler etc.Pls contact us for more details.
  HOB-series boiler, with a cylindrical shell, is settled horizontally. it is very suitable for the ship with low height between decks. It owns a wave-shape furnace as its burning room and single-head screw tube as its heating-transferring element, therefore, HOB-series boiler has lighter weight, smaller cubage and higher heat-transferring efficiency, that made it more economical.
  The steam of the boiler can warm the host and assisted engine, heat the fuel oil and do something else during daily life. The steam capacity is 0.5t/h~6t/h, the maximal working pressure is 1.25Mpa.
Steam Output(kg/h) Working Pressure (MPa) A (mm) B (mm) ØC (mm) ØD (mm) H (mm) Net Weight of Boiler(kg)
500 0.7 2300 596 1220 250 1840 2400
700 0.7 2550 550 1224 260 1900 3150
1000 0.7 2900 834 1628 300 2130 4900
1500 0.7 3500 950 1628 350 2240 6800
2000 1.0 3920 1045 1828 400 2574 10300
4000 1.0 4915 967 2234 500 2760 14000
6000 1.25 5450 1070 2436 600 3000 21500
More types can be offered,pls contact us for more details.

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