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Oil heater for marine boiler

Oil heater for marine boiler


  Oil heater for marine boiler
  China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd . Pin-tube oil heater consists of an outer shell and an inside shell with pin tube extended heat surface. It is used for heating of different oils, for example, boiler oil, diesel fuel-oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil in purifier, oil in oil storage tank etc., so that it is popularized in shipyards, power plant, chemical industry, petroleum industry etc. At the same time, the pin-tube extended heat surface is surrounding the oil in this pin-tube oil heater, which is more effective for heat transferring, small cubage, light weight etc. when the oil pass the pin-tube heat-transferring surface, a turbulence will come out to self-wash the heat-transferring surface, therefore, the pin-tube oil heater will not blocked by the deposited dregs and will run effectively for a long time. Because of the pin-tube oil heater's simple structure and good pressure-resist function, the possibility of leakage doesn't exist; it can work in any rigor condition for a long time.
  2. specifications and typical structures
  Whatever products you will choose decided by what cubage and usage you need. The pressure surrounding the oil are PN0.6Mpa, PN1Mpa, PN2Mpa, PN4Mpa, PN6Mpa, the oil flow 0.05m3/h~ 500 m3/h. the heating medium materials are steam below 2.5Mpa,high-temperature water, other heating medium materials.

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