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PE pipe


Applications of PE pipe: PE pipe full name of HDPE high density polyethylene pipe, compared with traditional metal pipe and other plastic pipe, with low density, strength and quality is high and the temperature of brittle to low, toughness, corrosion resistance is good insulation properties , easy to color, such as construction and easy to install, which is widely used in municipal and construction drainage, gas, heating system, wire and cable threading, agricultural water-saving irrigation and industrial sewage, mining, transportation and other minerals. Compared with steel, the cost can be reduced by about 12%, long working life, can reach 50a (steel generally 20a), and low maintenance costs. In developed countries and regions abroad, PE pipes are intercity buried gas pipeline occupancy reached 90% market share in the supply pipe up to 60%, and in terms of foreign PE pipe recalled by established a very mature standard construction specifications. In China, galvanized pipe gradually after disabling, PE water supply pipe in the construction field is very competitive, in the gas, industrial water supply and drainage, telecommunications, agriculture and other areas of PE pipe irrigation also showed rapid growth, but some areas of the pipe standards and specifications have not kept up, to some extent, affected the application and development of PE pipe.
PE pipe main purposes:
1) urban water supply:
PE pipe first with safety, health, convenience and other construction comprehensive advantages, has become an ideal urban water supply pipe.
2) natural gas, gas transportation:
Because PE PVC pipe connections, reliable, stable performance, easy construction, corrosion resistance and a series of advantages, the best choice for low-pressure natural gas pipeline.
3) food and chemical areas:
PE pipe has a unique corrosion resistance, can be used for a variety of acid Xianyan delivery or discharge, making long-life, low cost and low maintenance costs.
4) ore, slurry transportation:
PE pipe has a unique four times the wear resistance of steel, and can be widely used to transport ore, fly ash plant, dredging mud and so on.
5) replacement of cement pipe, cast iron pipe and steel pipe:
For the urban original Ra laying cement pipes, iron pipes, etc. old pipe election, can not go through a large area of excavation, PE tube is inserted directly into the old pipe replacement, low construction cost, construction time is short, especially for the old town pipeline re-election.
6) Landscaping network:
Landscaping needs a lot of water pipes, PE pipes and low cost, it is worth promoting.
7) Municipal Trenchless Engineering:
With the current development of the city, trenchless technology is widely used in the construction, while the plant commonly used in trenchless pipe jacking (drag pipe, pulling pipe) with the more popular PE pipe, that its toughness and price advantages in trenchless field will have greater development.
8) Wastewater Treatment:
There are many in the construction of a sewage treatment plant, in addition to the cement wall corrugated HDPE pipe and tube PE pipe also applied in the actual construction, PE pipes with diameter pipe flow better than others, but as in complex environments turning, crossing and other construction, its convenience is more prominent.
9) Power threading:
Due to the superior performance of PE pipe and insulation resistance, coupled with good compressive strength of its own and pulled the force, is currently in the construction of many power threading, often applied

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