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Peanut butter machine and commercial fruit juice machine or juice extractor on sale


Commercial fruit juice machine Specifications
1. Easy operation
2.Taking up small space
3.Durable and best price,top quality
3.High efficiency

commercial fruit juice machine Product description
1.make peanut butter of different tastes.
2.make peanut butter from whole peanut kernels,which saves time and energy.
3.newly designed to get high working efficiency and higher grinding quality.
4. The machine can also be applied to make cream,jams and juice.

commercial fruit juice machine is widely used in chemical,food ,medical industry and other industries. It can crush,emulsify, homogenization and mix the semi-liquid and milkiness material such as:
1. Food industry: aloe, pineapple, carrot, fruit tea, fruit juice, fruit jam, corn, peanut butter, sesame soy, spices and so on.
2. Chemical industry: paint, dye, lubrication oil, dope and so on.
3. Daily commodity: toothpaste, syrup, pollen and so on.

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