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Plastic Extruder Making Machine for PTFE Extruded Rod


Plastic Ram Extruder Machine For PTFE Rod(Φ300-600mm)
This PTFE extruder is able to extrude rod which dia from 300mm to600mm. The automatic 
productionline is controlled by computer, which is really easy to operate. Meanwhile, the 
plastic extrusion machine is advance designed, high output, low energy consumption, long-life, 
and also our professional engineer is available to offer overseas after sale service. We can solve
various problems to improve the equipment efficiency for you.
Ram extrusion machine for Teflon rod
The China vertical RAM Extruder is designed with 2 pressure plates, so the ream is affected via a 
slid pressure plate. The China rod ram extruder is equipped with two hydraulic cylinders.
The main cylinder serves to move the ram; the additional cylinder serves for retracting the 
mandrel. Base plate and dosing tray are water-cooled.
The PTFE powder is feed into the rotating hopper via an exact working powder dosing device, 
controlled by a level indicator. By means of a rotating blade the powder is wiped uniformly into 
the cavity of the mould.
Range of diameter PTFE Extrusion300 to 600 mm, Heating zones 4-6 zones
The complete electrical control is laterally fastened at rod ram extrusion. With a PC touch screen
panel all speeds and temperatures can be programmed. Electronics contain the necessary 
automatic controllers for speeds and temperatures. Five temperature regulators are contained in
the plant, four for the extruding pipe and one automatic controller for a mandrel heating element.
The maximum output speed of PTFE extrusion depends on: physical property , like Specific Gravity
and Elongation, outside of PTFE rod diameters and PTFE product heating length.
PTFE Equipment Warranty: according to our standard terms: 12months
Technical Specification:
PTFE Rod Extruder Dia 300mm-600mm

Technical Data 
Description Model No.  Machine model FMY-600
Plastic Extruder PTFE Rod
Power 20 kw
Min - Max Dia 300-600 mm 
Tolerance Depends
Length 300mm
Production Per Hour 9-18 kg
Electricity Consumption Per hour 32kw
Weight of the Machine 8300 kg
High of the Machine  1200mm
Floor area of the Machine 14 M2
Warrenty for Parts 1 Year
Machine Gurantee Period 1 Year
Free Spares 1 set 
Deliver LT 30 Days

1,Advance designed
2, Automatic control
3, Easy to operate
4, Low power consumption
5, Product size stability
6, Precise sintering
7, Environment-friendly and Energy-saving
Company information
JIANGSU SUNKOO  machine Tech  factory is specialized in the Extrusion of PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene)
based machine over 12 year. We manufacture PTFE Rod Ram Extruder, Tube Ram Extruder,
PTFE Moulding press machine and Paste Extruder, Film Skiving machine, and Sintering furnace.
Our organization is professionally managed by experts with rich experience and comprehensive
knowledge of the industry. Our core values are intrinsic to the way we work to strive towards
leadership, trust and customer loyalty. PTFE machine include PTFE rod extruder, PTFE tube 
extruder, PTFE tube vertical extrusion machine, PTFE horizontal rod ram extruder, PTFE Sintering
Furnace, Skiving film machine and billet making machine underground with Isotatic water press 
pump by membrane technology.
Our PTFE machine has been exported to USA, Russia, Korea, Saudi Arabia, India, UAE etc. 
Here would be a chance and opportunity to cooperate for mutual business with our technology
Welcome to visit our factory for business promotion.

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