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The diesel engine driven marine water pump

The diesel engine driven marine water pump


  The diesel engine driven marine water pump
China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd are leading supplier of marine pumps,such as marine diesel emergency fire pump,vortex marine water pump,marine centrifugal water pump etc.Pls contact us for more details.
The diesel engine driven marine water pump is developed to meet the needs on boat.Driven by diesel engine,this pump is specially used to wash the deck or for fire fighting under emergency.
The diesel engine driven marine water pump may be provided according to user's requirements:
The pump which used in this series is SWZ series pump,CWL series pump and CIS series pump.If the rotating speed of diesel engine is equal to that of the aforesaid pump,the performance parameters of the pump may be same as those of the pump above.
Cooling mode of diesel engine:
Air cooled,provide with cooling by fan and radiating water tank
Water cooled,that is,cooled though seawater and fresh water heat exchanger by using the water from the pump itself.
Startup of diesel engine:Electric startup,with battery provided.
15PPM oily water separator
15ppm bilge alarm/bilge separator
ODM system
fresh water generator
Re-hardening water filter
marine incinerator
marine sewage treatment plant

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