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TPS-H01 Portable Shower Room

TPS-H01 Portable Shower Room


With rotomolding technology, totally different from injection ones in quality. Very easy to install, only screw driver and wrench needed. One unit can be finished within 10 mins by 2 people. Installation instructions are also provided. Special design enables the product to be moved by forklift or crane directly.
Size: 1100*1100*2300mm.
Weight: 80 KG.
Standard accessories: Mirror, Doorknob, Hook, Shower, Floor Drain.
Optional accessories: Light, Fan, Exhaust Fan, Solar Light.
Warranty: 6 Years.
TOPPLA TPS-H01 portable shower rooms are always used in water park, swimming pool and hot springs, and they are even welcome by people who works at construction sites.

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