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VIP (vacuum insulated panel) Packing Machines


VIP (vacuum insulated panel) Packing Machines

Our company produces various models of VIP packing machines as per customer’s technical requirements, enabling to meet customer’s actual demands.
Vacuum insulated panel (referred to as VIP in short form) is a newly developed efficient insulation material in recent years with very low thermal conductivity. Its structure consists of 3 parts as insulation material in the core, gas collecting material called Getter and membrane walls used to prevent air from entering the panel called Barrier. It is made by the principle of vacuum insulation through powerful evacuation with vacuum pumps to realize the maximum internal vacuum pressure to prevent heat conduction, which can effectively avoid the three ways as conduction, convection and radiation to achieve insulation and energy-saving purposes.
Vacuum insulated panel (VIP) is the most advanced material in contemporary world for refrigeration, freezing, insulation and fireproofing, etc. It is also an ideal panel in construction for building industry.
China Guangdong PVD Metallizer Co.

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