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Chicken feed pellet machine and poultry feed pellet making machine on sale


Feed pellet machine specifications
1. Wood, powder and animal mini pellet machine
2. Small, high efficiency, small land-using

feed pellet machine introduction
  This machines is newly developed energy saving equipment. The finished products are smooth in surface and shapely in posture. Its hardness is closely to European standard. Pellet fuel is convenient in the process of manufacturing, packing, storing and transporting as a clean renewable energy. This kind of pellet mill is easy to operate and maintain with lower price.With the fast development of feeding animals industry and biomass energy saving project, this kind machine becomes very popular. Since it not only can process the feedstuffs for animals, such as feed for fish, chicken, pig etc, but also can process the waste biomass material to wood pellet. The final wood pellet can be burned as green fuel in pellet stove or boiler.

feed pellet machine advantages:
It can make the fullest use of natural resources, have good rigidity, perfect smoothness, long shelf life and standard degree of moistness. The fodder will be nearly cooked during the processing which can greatly increase the proportion of take-in nutrition. And reduce the zymolysis time of fertilizers.

Application scope of the Feed pellet making machine:
This is appropriate for crude fiber compression forming, such as: maize straw, peanut shell, rice husk, corncob, cotton seed hull, wheat-straw, sunflower seed shell, sawdust, cotton stalk, weeds, etc. all kinds of agricultural straws, house refuse, waste plastic and wastes in factory. It is also suitable for raw materials which are difficult to form with low bonding ratio. Furthermore, organic bacterial manure, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer are applicable to pelletize under low temperature. Now our machines have exported to Austria, Thailand, Italy, Russia, America and so on.We have a wide selection of small pellet machine which you can select from. The machines range from small machine good for producing food stuff to the larger machine that will produce wood pellet. They are also good for most biomass materials. We are able to supply different motor voltages to enable you to use in your country. If electricity is a problem for you why not go for one of our Diesel powered Pellet Machines.

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