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External Fire fighting system

External Fire fighting system


Driven by:Diesel engine. The fire pump and engine will be installed on a common base.
Consisting of:
1) Fire Pump:2 sets
Type: Horizontal, single stage, centrifugal pump
Duty Specified

Capacity: 600 m3/h

Total Head: 130 m L.C.

Speed: 2100 rpm
Power absorbed : 273.6 kW (Seawater)

Efficiency: 80%

Discharge : Top, DN200 PN 25

Suction: End, DN250 PN 16

Direction of rotation: CW (viewing from driver end)
Materials of Construction

Casing: Nodular cast iron

Impeller: Bronze

Shaft : Stainless steel AISI 316

Packing: Soft packed

2)Diesel Engine:2 sets

Engine Model:TBD234V8, China

Type:4 Cycle, 8 Cylinder, electrical start, 24VDC
Rating Type:Heavy Duty
Rated Engine Power:323kw @ 2100 rpm
Direction of rotation:CCW (viewing from driver end)

3) High Flexible Coupling
Mounted between PTO of diesel engine and pump
Final model to be selected by maker.

275N CE approval inflatable life jacket
CO2 fire extinguishing system
Marine horizontal/vertical oil fired boiler
Marine air compressor
marine centrifugal pump
marine hydraulic steering gear
Hydraulic capstan
Tunnel thruster/bow thruster

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