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Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp

Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp
Categoría: Plantas Naturales


What is :
Griffonia is a genus of flowering plants in the legume family, Fabaceae. It belongs to the subfamily Caesalpinioideae. Griffonia is known to have a high concentration of 5-HTP in its seeds.
Griffonia seed comes from the beans of a vine native to Africa. In African folk medicine, Griffonia seed is reputed to be an aphrodisiac, as well as an antibiotic and a remedy for diarrhea, vomiting and stomachache.
Recent research suggests that Friffonia seed raises serotonin levels in the brain. Serotonin is important in regulating brain chemistry and is especially important in problems such as depression, insomnia and eating disorders.
1. Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp has the best effect of anti-hypochondria.
2. Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp can help improve sleep condition.
3. Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp can help lose weight.
4. Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp has the best effect of relieving prior menses syndrome(PMS).
5. Griffonia Seed Extract 5-htp/5 htp has the best effect of abstaining from addiction.
1. As raw materials of drugs for anti-bacterial, anti-depressants, antitumor and sedation, Griffonia Seeds extract is widely used in fields of pharmaceutical and health products.
2. As insomnia, other similiar symptoms of psychasthenia and lose weight product raw material, Griffonia seed extract is widely used in health product industry.
3.As dietary supplements increased therapeutic function, Griffonia Seed extract is widely used in fields of dietarysupplement products.

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