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Marine Dredge pump

Marine Dredge pump


 Marine Dredge pump
China Deyuan Marine Fitting Co.,ltd are leading supplier of marine pumps
1. The close combination of dredging pump with hydraulic coupling to form a separate unit gives a smaller length and floor space
2. During the operation the hydraulic coupling can adjust the pump Speed, to have the pumping system and the drive system (like diesel engine and etc.) work in optimum, resulting in higher efficiency, lower energy consumption and lower cost.
3. The wet end parts have a long lift time, especially the impeller can attain a maximum working hours, leading to a saving of spare parts.
4.The hydraulic coupling can absorb vibration as well as adjust the speed. It also gives a good protection when over-load or emergency happen.
5. Low budget, lower than the unit of pumps with reducer casing and adjusting device.
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