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Potato cutting machine


Vegetable cutter specifications
1.Widely used by many vegetables
2.Easy operation, high quality

vegetable cutter main features:
1. This machine adopts centrifugal cutter structure which is suitable for cutting slices of hard vegetables, such as potato, melon, etc.
2. The thickness of pieces can be adjusted, the vertical knife can produce different sizes as your request, such as piece, rhombus, curve, etc.
3. The vertical knife imitates the manual cutting vegetables principle, so the finished products are with smooth surface, regulation surface, whole organization, fresh remain.
4. It applicable to Leaf vegetable such as shallot, celery, leek, cabbage etc. which can be cut into strip. And bulb group, such as carrot, potato, tannia, bamboo shoot, onion, auberqine ,ginger, pepper ,cucumber etc.
5. The finished products shape can be slice, strip, block, cube, sect etc.

vegetable cutter Usage:
Fruit and vegetable processing factory, frozen food factory, leisure food factory, western food store, beverage store, tea restaurant, and etc.

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