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POUPC 6002 Bis-DMTD Derivative


POUPC 6002 Bis-DMTD Derivative
I. Product description

 As a bis-DMTD derivative, POUPC6002 can function as a good Antiwear/Antiscuff and Extreme pressure agent in lubricating greases. In addition, it is ash-less and enjoys some corrosion-inhibition performance.

II. Typical properties

Item Typical properties Test method
Appearance Reddish brown clear liquid
Density ( 15.6℃ ), g/m 3 1.2 GB/T2540
Viscosity( 100 ℃),mm 2 /s 3.5 GB/T265
S% 23.8% SH/T0631
N % 6.2% SH/T0224
Solubility Soluble in PAG fluids. Insoluble in lubricant base oils and water  

III:Recommended treat level: 1w%-3w%

IV. Package and storage:
For this product, handling temperature should not exceed 60℃, and when for a long-time storage, temperature should not exceed 45℃. The product is packaged in 200L galvanized steel drum (200kg net weight). For further information, please refer to the relevant MSDS.

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