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POUPC 3001 Nitrogen-containing Borate Ester


POUPC 3001 Nitrogen-containing Borate Ester
Production description:
   POUPC 3001 is an oil-soluble liquid and Nitrogen-containing borate ester. It exhibits impressive properties in hydrolytic stability, anti-oxidation, anti-wear, anti-corrosion and friction reducing ability in lubricants. In addition, it is free of Sulfur, Phosphorus and Chlorine, hence it can work as an excellent environmental- friendly lubricant additive and is widely used in engine oils, gear oils, and metalworking oils. Meanwhile, It has good synergistic effect with other EP/Anti-wear agents.
Typical properties:
Items POUPC 3001
Chemical composition N-B compound
Appearance Light Yellow transparent liquid
Density ( 15.6 ℃ ), g/cm 3 0.95
Viscosity ( 100 ℃),mm 2 /s 20-30
Flash point(COC),℃ >160
  B % 1.0-1.2
  N % 2.0-2.5
   Compatibility Well compatible with mineral and synthetic oils, insoluble in water
Recommended Treatment Level: 1%—3%
Packaging: In 200 L new steel drums, each with 180kg (net weight)
Safety Information:Like common chemicals, special safety measures are not required.
For further information, please see the relevant MSDS.

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