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Metal Deactivator POUPC 6001


        Metal Deactivator POUPC 6001

Product Description:
   As a thiodiazole derivative, POUPC 6001 is an excellent metal deactivator. On one hand, it can form chemical protective film on metal surface to liberate metal ions from the lubricant oils, on the other, it can capture metal ions to form non-catalytic materials, so that it can significantly reduce lubricant oil’s oxidation propensity. Additionally, the product can prevent the metal surfaces from corrosive attacks of active sulfur and organic acids , and exhibit good synergistic effects with some conventional antioxidants.

Typical properties:

Item Thiodiazole derivative
Appearance Amber liquid
Density(20℃), g/cm 3 0.9-1.1
Viscosity(100 ℃), mm 2 /s 7-20
Flash point(open), ℃ >120
Nitrogen % 3.5-4.5
Sulfur %           25.0-35.0
Copper Corrosion(100 C, 3 h) 1a
Solubility Soluble in mineral and synthetic oils

Application: As a metal deactivator and anti-wear agent, it can be widely used in engine oil, lubricating grease, industrial gear oil, hydraulic oil, turbine oil.

Recommended treatment level: 0.1%--0.5%
Packaging: In 200 L steel drums, each with 180kg (net weight)

Product safety information: Like common chemicals, special safety measures are not required. For further handling information, please see the relevant MSDS.

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