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POUPC5002 Phenol-Amine compounds


 POUPC5002 Phenol-Amine compounds
Product Description:
As an antioxidant, the product can provide excellent antioxidant effects for lubricants under high and low temperature conditions, prevent the increasing of the lubricant viscosity, reduce carbon deposit formation, and inhibit sludge growing on mental surfaces, therefore allows for lubricant's longer and better performance. By decomposing the peroxide and capturing the free radicals to inhibit the oxidation of lubricants, POUPC5002 greatly extends the oxidation induction period. It is widely used in engine oils, lubricating greases and all kinds of industrial oils.

Typical properties:
Item POUPC 5002 Antioxidant
Appearance Brown and red liquid
Density(20℃), g/cm 3 0.99
Viscosity(100 ℃), mm 2 /s 11
Flash point(COC), ℃ 188
Solubility   Soluble in mineral and synthetic oils

Recommended treatment level: 0.2w%--0.8w%
Packaging: Packaged in 200L steel drums, each with 180kg (net weight)
Storage and Transport Conditions:
  Regarding storage, loading and unloading of the goods, the temperature should not exceed 75 ℃, and in case of long time storage, the temperature should be below 45℃. For further information, please see relevant MSDS.

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